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Medical Billing Services of Puerto Rico, Inc. Announces Expansion

Medical Billing Services of Puerto Rico, Inc. (MBS) is pleased to announce the expansion of its fully compliant Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)  services to other physician RCM companies and US providers who perform in-house billing that are seeking a compliant alternative to offshoring in India or the Philippines.  MBS, a “near-shore” operation, was founded in 2017 to service the needs of one client, Asterino & Asterino, Inc d/b/a ( is a 35-year-old multi-specialty physician billing and coding company based in Scottsdale Arizona.  MBS and have one common shareholder.

Now the company is offering its services to the marketplace for data and charge entry, cash applications, and accounts receivable follow up functions.  Further plans to expand to call center and patient monitoring operations will be announced later this year.

“Our competition is not India,” said Christopher J Asterino, President and CEO of both and Medical Billing Services of Puerto Rico. “Our RCM ( business started in 1985, so we’ve had multiple vendors in India over the course of 30 years.  A pattern emerged where the performance was solid in the beginning, but it soon erodes as the vendor transfers your experienced & trained resources to onboard new accounts.  Our competition is US stateside RCM healthcare workers.  We employ bi-lingual Americans operating in the Eastern Time Zone.  Our cost structure is significantly less than US based employees and our metrics and results are comparable.”

After extensive research, the company obtained a legal opinion regarding offering BPO services involving government payors and found that several US states prohibit working claims offshore for certain payors.  “After the legal opinion, we worked closely with the government of Puerto Rico to establish hiring and training incentives for an ACT 20 company that is fully compliant with US laws.  We have found ourselves a great supporter in the government of Puerto Rico and are thrilled to be expanding our operation on this beautiful Caribbean Island,” said Asterino.  For more information about Medical Billing Service of Puerto Rico, visit

Mr. Asterino is in his fourth decade of owning and operating medical billing and medical practice management companies that have consistently excelled in growth, customer service and earnings. He has extensive experience and expertise in the management of healthcare receivables. He has devoted his career to building an organization that develops and relies on relationships with both employees and clients. He has been a client of the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) community since the early 1990’s and opened his own BPO, Medical Billing Services of Puerto Rico, Inc in December 2016 because he is passionate about helping independent physicians stay independent.

Medical Billing Services of Puerto Rico

Our goal for you is simple: We want to help independent physicians stay independent. Therefore we provide experienced and fully complaint bilingual Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services to organizations and practices that are involved in revenue cycle management.